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With over almost 40 years of experience as a butcher, Chris and his team of which includes Chris’ mentor Bob, formely of Sullivan’s Old North market thus bringing you a combined 80yrs of experience in preparing all of their locally sourced cuts of meat on site. Try their beef, chicken, pork, Ontario lamb, milk-fed veal, muscovy duck, geese, cornish hen, rabbit, bison, and more.  Bulk buying options and freezer beef sides, hinds, long loins, are available on site.  Properly aged (minimum 14 days) and trimmed, ask Chris and his team about handmade beef and turkey burgers, beef pies, pheasant, and seasonal stock.
Chris' Country Cuts, Inc. is owned by Chris and Anne Lyons. Chris is your professional butcher plus so much more and Anne works behind the scenes taking care of business and so much more. 
Chris' Country Cuts began as a Business 257 project (a university field project that takes students through the stressful process of researching, developing, analyzing and refining their idea for a new business venture and writing a detailed and compelling Business Plan for the opportunity to apply their business knowledge and develop their enterprise) while Anne was attending UWO and when all was completed Chris and Anne approached Bellamere Country Market to add a butcher shop to Bellemere Country Market and Chris’ Country Cuts opened in 1998! and in 1999 we opened our second Chris’ Country Cuts in the London Covent Garden Market where we remain today! Our Bellemere Chris’ Country Cuts butcher shop was part of the Bellemere Country Market until they closed in 2005.  

We love downtown core  and are proud of being your old fashioned butcher shop with up to date ideas & products 
Our motto is to do things right - no shortcuts!